The mission of OPTIMO TRANSPORTATION, LLC is to provide integrated, high quality, medical transportation to the patients, facilities and communities in which we serve. We aspire to provide the highest quality treatment to patients, before and after hospitalization and/or medical treatment, in accordance with protocols established by the medical community within our respective area.


Our staff, drivers, dispatchers and customer service representatives are especially trained to understand and accommodate all your medical transportation needs. We believe that your relationship with us begins before you step into one of our vehicles and continues even after we drop you off back at home. We are always available to assist you in transportation scheduling as well as answer any questions you may have about our services. During your transport, our dispatching staff continuously tracks your transportation and appointment status to make sure you are safe and on time.

The staff at OPTIMO will accept nothing less than to creating a safe and comfortable transportation environment. Our Drivers must meet the most stringent requirements to ensure that they are the most qualified to transport you safely to your destination. The staff requirements consist of a Defensive Driving Course, Sensitivity Training, Proper Wheelchair Securement and Passenger Restraints, First Aid, and CPR Certifications. Also, they are subject to random drug screenings and a yearly criminal and driving history check. At OPTIMO, each employee’s goal is to become part of your family. We are more than a transportation company; we are your extended family dedicated to forming a lasting relationship with each individual in order to understand your complete health needs.